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we progress into becoming a more awake, aware and enlightened species.


Cosmic  & Earth


Join this world's top, highly gifted minds in exploring literal growing consciousness higher dimensional, spiritual... inter-related geopolitical, social, cultural & interpersonal change issues, and strategies to deal with these in the coming years.

We truly hope you will gain new knowledge, insights and spiritual wisdom shared by our speakers, including noble Native American, Indigenous, Hawaii, Aboriginal teachers, and others, from these upcoming unique events.  With these experiences we hope will come great insight, knowledge, wisdom.   And joy.

The goal of each specific conference, and  special  event,  is  to  help  enlighten,
inform & impart both practical and spiritual wisdom as we attempt to deal  with  the formative changes happening on our  world today.  You can be assured these 
very real continued political, social consciousness and trans-
Expect these conferences, and special events, to always be spiritual, heart centered & grounded experiences... with many opportunities for extensive two way dialogues between you and the Speakers.

Mitakuye' Oya'sin.   All my relations,  we are all related,  we are all one.  Right?   Well,  ultimately we are all children of the Creator, of Creation,
likely, the greatest of mysteries.   Therefore, come join us in the exploration of this journey together, we, this diverse human species on this 
beautiful blue planet.   It is time to bring all of the tribes, all of the people, of this world back together.   

transformational changes will continue,  on  every  level,  as we
The 2016 Transformational Shift Conference was an absolute adventure of the merging multidimensions & an experience of true expansion in truth, transparency & the joy of bridging heaven to Earth.   Tara, Jamaica.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tolec for... putting  together a spectacular conference… for this newly awakening soul.  As a result, a lot of us are going back to our homes enlightened & more knowledgeable.  I go home with a great deal of joy in my heart and resolve to do my part in this great awakening & transformation of humanity.  ~ Annette, Oregon
The Transformational Shift Conference was an experience that was unforgettable.  The speakers were amazing, informative and the event was very interpersonal.  The information provided was fantastic & I would definitely recommend this conference to anyone that wants to 
improve their personal life.
~  Dan & Cherie, New South Wales, Australia.
I felt an extraordinary level of family recognition and love, the energetic glow of sacred space, the reverent respect for our unseen star being family that was there with us and a deep thirst for what was being revealed.   I felt the truth that each attendee made a contribution to the collective Transformational Shift experience.

I experienced lasting hope for the times we are in now and to come, a deep calm that I can relax into, an acceptance of my being as I am and the added gift of conference friendships that continue on now that I am home. 
 ~ Rosemary, Montana.
The Transformational Shift Conference was a profound experience for me.  I was able to get confirmations for experiences I personally was having.  The speakers and the people attending the conference were beautiful souls and very helpful.  I would attend another conference just to learn more information.
 Dawn, Pennsylvania.
Excellent Conference with a wonderful diversity of presenters and topics related to humanity’s ‘Transformational Shift.’ Additionally, I really enjoyed the venue and attendees!  It felt like coming home to family!  Thank you Tolec, for putting together a wonderful experience! I’m looking forward to your next event! 
~  Lisa, California
Tucson, AZ
The 2016 Transformational Shift Conference truly lived up to it's name. I am forever changed and for the better! The connections I made with people are lifelong and the experiences I had are forever treasures. There were so many great moments it's hard to put in a couple of sentences. The heart connections, the information, the lessons, the content..... the immediate sense of 'belonging' in a room full of strangers..... the respect for one another from varied backgrounds and histories, WOW!  And the unexpected sense of community and camaraderie.... I'm sooo grateful!   One attendee from Italy via Seattle via LA asked me if I talked about this stuff with my family and I just laughed... yeah right, I said, but here, here was my family, star family relations and kindred spirits.  Tolec, thank you sooo much!  It was an adventure that is still continuing to shift me into new realities and heart spaces.  Bless you! ~  Chrissie, California
4D & 5D Higher Dimensional Life
The True Nature of You -
 A Multidimensional Being
The real Reasons you are on this Planet
The evolution of the soul - your true self
The evolving reality of 
our lives in these dynamic
changing times.
The life changing topics addressed  & discussed include:
Life as a fully empowered, joyful, loving, compassionate... and passionate human - BEING!
The exploration of higher or multi- dimensional life 
What our lives on this 
planet ARE REALLY all about.

Friday, September 27
Saturday, September 28
Sunday, September 29
*  SaturdaySeptember 282019
*  Sunday,  September 292019
Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Rd
Sedona, Arizona 86336
Friday ~  1:30 - 9:PM
Saturday ~  9:00 - 5:PM
Sunday ~  10:00 - 5:PM
Friday ~
Saturday ~
Sunday ~
Sedona, Arizona
south view from the observation deck above the Chapel
the Chapel
the Main Entrance
Main Conference ~ Great  Room - holds upward of 200+ people
northeast view from the observation deck
2019 Conference
*  FridaySeptember 272019
Sedona Community Center
2615 Melody Lane
Sedona, Arizona 86336
September 27, 2019
1:30PM - 9:PM
9:AM - 6:00PM
10:AM  - 5:00PM
Sedona Community Center ~   back courtyard
In the center of west Sedona, just off of AZ State Rd 89A ~ take Harmony Drive to Melody Lane.  Take Melody about  200 feet, turn right into the paved, split area, Sedona Community Center parking lot.
Creative Life Center
Details farther down this page, scheduled for the weekend of September 27-29, 2019.
note:  Friday afternoon/evening limited to 100 people due to the smaller size of this venue.
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Star ki Tara  l  Aloha ke Akua  I  
Being the Sacred Conference
A Spiritual Sky, Star Journey & Retreat Vacation
Please click on this special event banner, to the right, to register =====>
Registration /                     for the 
 2018 Hawaii Retreat
The production of this event is suspended until the current severe volcanic activity on the Island of Hawaii gets worse, or stops.
playing:   What A Beautiful Sunset by "Angelwing"
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Daily Schedule of Speakers 
~ PDF file link directly below ~
Daily Speakers
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September 27-29, 2019
Transformational Shift Events
Personal Choices & Decisions.  Effects, and impact, from the dynamic changing world around us.  Cosmic & Earth Perspectives.   Unique Insightful Speakers.  Current, relevant, important...  compelling information.  Issues that should matter to each of us.
​We're at a very interesting, very dynamic and challenging moment, maybe even an intersection, in the evolution of "modern [hu]man", on this beautiful planet Earth, which bears close examination.

The global, organizational power, and substructure, that has been running its programs, controlling the societies of the developed nations seems to be crumbling, and/or imploding.   Their various agendas are in conflict.   Actions and abhorrent behaviors that "stink", are unconscionable, which have been hidden for years... are finally being brought to light.  Global debt at an all time high, the financial system is far beyond broken.  The "right" is mad at the "left".  They blame each other, and collectively they blame "the system".  There is great dis-satisfaction and growing sense of frustration, there has been for years, among the ever decreasing middle class, and great despair on the part of those who live in poverty.  And its endemic, to the whole planet.

The seams of the corrupt, global, power structure [corporate, media, government, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, etc.], at various different levels, are finally tearing apart and breaking down.

As challenging at this time is... it really should be one of optimism.  Why?  More than any other era in known "modern" Earth human history it seems that a moment of real change is upon us.

Everything I've been taught, everything I have learned, in my 7+ years of "Tolec" work, tells me that we are, each of us, all part of a greater cosmic consciousness, woven through the fabric of all life at levels so small, so infinitesimal, and also so large and expansive, in terms of a cosmic scale... that we almost can't conceive of the extent of the possibilities.

And yet, this also seems to be a moment in time when seemingly so many people are "waking up" and having "higher dimensional" and/or "multi dimensional" experiences.  People are having Dolores Cannon based "QHHT" regressions and learning about the fact that they have had past lives, and are also seeing what a future Earth will look like, the potentiality that physical ailments are really a bi-product of past life markers,, handed down, in our DNA.  People are experiencing time slippages, the "Mandela Effect", multiple déjà vus, the in-flooding of much higher levels of information, insight and "codes", repeatedly seeing clustered numbers, "222", "333", "444", "555", etc, gifted children being born during the past 10-12 years having seemingly, highly gifted abilities [clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and more], and the list goes on.

And all of the above are 'pushing the envelope' of the questions:  Who are we really?  Why are we here?   This may be even be a defining moment of who we really want to be... as a race of collective Earth humans.  Will we, within intention and heart, be an intelligent, collaborative, compassionate group of diverse humans from one planet.  Or, angry, bitter, frustrated, fractured, combative, still conducting war on each other...  a group which any reasonable, advanced, sentient race might want to keep-us confined to our 'school yard' and playground.   If so, then we are still emotionally immature 'children'.   

Are we really more than just this organic human form?  Are we truly multi dimensional beings, living simultaneous lives, of various energetic frequencies, in various densities and dimensions of space?  Does time really exist, or does it not exist?   Does it only exist here on a 3D organic planet Earth?

All of these above topics are 'on the table' and are the norm for a Transformational Shift Events & PlanetsWithin conference. These unusual aspects of human life are openly revealed, reviewed and discussed in a sense of comfortable community, both in collective Q&A sessions with the audience, and individually, as friendships are renewed, new ones are made, and a sense of brother and sisterhood are established between people...  many time who have never met before at these events.  

Why, why?   People want answers... and they are doing their best to explore and understand the dynamics of what is truly going on with Earth humans... at this moment in our evolution.  Examination, discussion and evolution.  More that any other words, the examination of our "evolution" at this moment in our human story...  keeps coming to my mind when I consider the 'form and impact' this 2019 conference will have.

Ultimately, the goal of this conference will be to provide a forum so that people will be able to learn, discuss the many above topics, ask questions and hopefully be enlightened...  so that they can make the best possible personal choices and decisions
for themselves.   And, develop new connections and friendships in a sense of community and family.

And maybe, so that they may evolve, expand, transform and grow.  To thrive, to live more joy filled and truly fulfilling lives.  It's about the expansion and growth of the Earth human.  It's definitely a worthwhile endeavor.   Many blessings to you all.
Choices & Decisions
Mato Was'tecaka Cantetanka
Keynote Guest Speaker
Keynote Guest Speaker
Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD
Niara Isley
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker
Melinda Leslie
Joseph P. Anthony
Guest Speaker
Cheyene Stone
Guest Speaker
Dan Brock
Guest Speaker
Honored Native Guest
Hiloha Homa
Honored Native Guest
Izdzan ah ray
Special Guest
Harmonic Vocalist
Shekina Rose
Star LaughingFox
Special Guest
Honored Native Guest
Star LaughingFox
November 11, 2018
Sedona, Arizona
4th Annual
Transformational Shift Events
 & PlanetsWithin - 
Sedona, Arizona Conference
Daivd Still, LL.M
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker
4th Annual -
 Australian author of the groundbreaking trilogy books ~
 Acclaimed & recognised, global energetic healer to the DNA level,  Australian physician
 "It's Our Earth Too"
This coming year, 2019.  This conference.  I don't have a name formulated for it yet.   But, here are themes that we'll likely be focusing on and examining.

Who are we, each one of us, uniquely.  Why are we here, really.
Who are we?  Why are we here?

What is this moment of truly dynamic change... all about.
Who are we, what are your unique passions & joys.
What moves your heart to sing.

For some, this is your very first awakening.  For others, your deeper evolvement, enlightenment & expansion continues.

Let the journey to truly delve deep to discover self, and reconnect with others, in happiness, calm & joy guide your way in 2019.
Sedona, Arizona Conference
Special Featured Guest Speaker
Alexis Brooks
Allison Coe