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Chris  / "Tolec"
Executive Producer
Photos from ~ 2020 Wopila Gathering,  2018 The Great Awakening Conference, 2017 Autumnal Equinox Celebration and more.
Speakers:  Clifford Mahooty [Zuni],  Gordon Lewis [Yavapai-Apache],   Nicole Nez [Navajo/Diné], 
StandswithBear [Cherokee] and more..... 
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Honored Native
Guest Speaker,
Izdzan ah ray
Honored Native
May 4, 2021
What is true and is very important, in part, about this life ~

is that we are here for our own awakening, and the rediscovery of our own greater cosmic role, as individuals, and as a collective body of Earth humans... as we move forward and evolve on this planet.

Further, we're at a very interesting, very dynamic and challenging moment, almost at the intersection, in the evolution of the "modern [hu]man", of humanity, which affects all of us on this beautiful planet Earth.  I also believe it bears close examination.

We are on the precipice of incrediblepositivesweeping changes in the evolution of this great Nation, and around the globe. We will go through a lot, first.   However, there are so many facets of all aspects of society, and this planet, which will continue to come to light...  unlike ever before in the modern history, in this epoch, of this world.

And therefore, I also believe that a retrospective, and contemporary, look at the culture, beliefs and respect that Native indigenous People hold for this land, and for all of nature;  they can have a positive influence and effect on many of us.

For me, the goal of this special Native Cultural speaker series is to provide ongoing events so that people can learn and discuss in great depth sacred, ancestral topics, and especially relevant ones, about who we are, who we want to be...  so that we can make the best possible, personal choices & decisions for ourselves, and our children, to decide where we want to go, and how we want to do it...  as a diversified race of humans on this planet, especially during this time of incredible change, into our future.  Included will be: Speakers, Musicians, Shamans, Medicine Men & Women, Workshops, Performances, Storytelling...  amazing life stories.

For, our Native brothers & sisters have always known about in their mythologies & legends, about their ancestors, [the star people], the sacredness of all life, about the beauty of our own each unique gifts and skills;  and of the incredible sacred beauty, and need to respect, the life force of this very unique planet... at the far edge of this Milky Way Galaxy.

Wakan Tanka kici un.   [May] Great Mystery [Creator]  Bless you.  
Clifford Mahooty
Honored Native
Guest Speaker,
Most important.   Remember, Mitakuye Oya'sin, We are All Related.  You are reminded of how we are all related by looking at all of the many diverse, smiling, happy faces in our community of spiritual friends & 'family' members during our 2020 Wopila Gathering Conference.
Native Cultural ~
  Speaker series
Hotels, Motels, Inn Suites 
Also, you also have multiple Bed & Breakfast places, Inns & other choices in the beautiful Sedona Red Rock Country on the TICKET page from which to choose.  Your best form of contact, to make your reservation, is to use the live web link for the above facilities; or phone the other facilities directly and speak with their reservation people.
Wherever you choose to stay in the area, please know that all of the month of September in this area is ~ a very busy ~ time of year.   It is a key part of their tourist "high season"!  Therefore, you WILL want to book your over night stay reservation... as soon as possible.   You are welcome to book and stay where ever you want to.    The above places are simply recommendations. 
ANNOUNCEMENT ~  May 4, 2021
Native Cultural ~
Speaker series
Transformational Shift Events
~  go 1/2 down this page for the complete Native Cultural Speaker series   details  ~
"Wopila".    A Lakota word meaning...  to give great thanks, to have real gratitude, deep appreciation and gratefulness for all we are given, and for all of those who mean so much to us within our immediate community...  including our closest friends & relatives.
WOPILA GATHERING Native Cultural ~
speaker series
location:  in the beautiful Sedona Red Rock country, 
in the State of Arizona, ancestral home of the Yavapai-Apache People.
Medicine Woman, Sacred Pipe carrier
Star Nation Elder
Medicine Man,
*  denotes Native/Indian Nation
Honored Native 
Guest Speaker,
Sam Anderson
Cultural & Spiritual Teacher
Chiricahua Apache
Dine'/ Navajo
WOPILA GATHERING, Native Cultural Speaker series 
For those people flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport ~ the drive up Interstate 17 (I-17) to Sedona is an easy one;  or you can easily take Groome Shuttle from the airport directly into Sedona, it has numerous stops.
Rahelio playing his flute in Sedona
3119 W. Highway 89A
Sedona, Arizona  86336
phone: 928.204.1146

Check in:                                               2021
Check out:                                            2021

Rooms available:  queen doubles

$$$  Rates vary on a p/week day, weekend night, and/or season rate
Guest Speaker
Nicole Nez
Honored Native 
Guest Speaker,
"Urban Native American Princess",
Honored Native
Sundance Chief, 
Moves Like Thunder
If you happen to have questions, over & above all of the previous information provided, please write to me at the 
below e-mail address:
Accomplished Flute Player,
south from Flagstaff, and take the exit for Cottonwood/Camp Verde [AZ State Road 260].  At the exit, head toward Cottonwood on AZ State Road 260. Drive about 24-25 minutes and you will come upon the intersection of 260 -and- AZ State Road 89A.  Take a right onto 89A and drive about one half hour up the hill into west Sedona.   And, then travel to your overnight accommodations. 
 The easiest way to get to Sedona, Arizona  ~ is to take I-17 north from Phoenix, or I-17
ls being held at a private location in Sedona.  As you see below in photos ~  it has a sweat  lodge, a tipi, and a geodesic dome on site.  The address will be forth-coming and sent via e-mail directly  to  all  the conference attendees.
Airport Shuttle to Cottonwood & Sedona
Again, for those people flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport ~ and don't want to rent a car, the drive up Interstate 17 (I-17) to Sedona is an easy one.  You can easily take Groome Transportation Shuttle from the airport directly into Sedona, it has numerous stops.  And, this shuttle has now resumed their active, many times daily shuttle service.   To book your round-trip or one way shuttle ride, please go to: 
**note:  Groome Transporation is now already accepting bookings for shuttle service to Sedona.  However, they prefer that you book directly  with them  on-line...  at their web site.**
For questions only, their telephone:
This  special  gathering  is  taking  place  at a beautiful, intimate,  private  setting  in  a  very  secluded  part  of  Sedona near Enchantment Resort  &  Boynton Canyon, Bear Mountain & Katchina Point.   I believe you will be very pleased with this new locale.
RV Parks, Campgrounds
I'm going to provide two (2) great choices in terms of RV Parks that are busy, open and offering great amenities.  One place has more of an old school, personalized service, upgraded sites & services (I've stayed here before, a great spot, really nice people)... and has lots of greenery, shade trees, shaded sites...  and is right next to the Verde River:  Rio Verde RV Park.   It's located on the west side of the street of 89A, just before you enter Cottonwood.  It has a total of 65 RV spots/campsites with full hook-ups.  From here, it is a quick 24 minute drive north on 89A to Sedona.

The other is a brand new, modern, contemporary, award winning facility, it won the Top Arizona RV Park Award in 2019.  This place is called:  VERDE RANCH RV RESORT.  It has  399 full hookup RV sites/campsites with 50 amp service and 16 furnished vacation rental cottages, including studio, one- and two- bedroom options.   The quickest way to Sedona from this spot... is a short drive to I-17 north. 

Both RV parks have limited remaining capacity, as all of the month of September is considered "high season" as the temperatures hit a nice , temperate, dry mid-80s in the high desert area of Sedona, Cottonwood, Cornville and Camp Verde, Arizona.     

When you call either place make sure to provide the information that you are an attendee of my conference, and give them this code:   "2020 Wopila Conference".   As with the above hotels, these RV Parks are recommendations & suggestions.
Rio Verde
Rio Verde RV Park
3420 E State Route 89A
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

* ask for Paul.

** maximum length RV spots available at this moment:  35'.
Verde Ranch RV Resort
1105 N. Dreamcatcher Dr.
Camp Verde, AZ  86322

*  ask for Allisa Chapman

** this RV Park has ample spots for extra large RVs with easy pull through capabilities.  It is  a Luxury Resort full of amenities and  75 feet  pull-through sites.
** For both RV Parks, should you wish to book a reservation, again, the month of May is definitely part of the high season in the Sedona/Cottonwood/Camp Verde (Valley) area, therefore, I recommend you do so... as soon as possible. **
** The below three (3) are very nice, exquisite, well kept, very clean, higher end, boutique overnight stay facilities in Sedona, one is in Cottonwood.  I've made them available to Attendees, Speakers & Musicians for other events before...  with great feedback & reviews.**   
Sedona Real Inn & Suites
95 Arroyo Pinon Drive
Sedona, Arizona  86336
phone: 928.282.1414

Check in:                                               2021
Check out:                                            2021

Rooms available:  queen doubles

Rates, $$$, vary on a p/week day, week-end night, and/or season rate
** call and speak with a reservation person**
Inn & Suites
993 S. Main Street
Cottonwood, Arizona  86326
phone: 928.634.5575

Check in:                                               2021
Check out:                                             2021

Rooms available:  queen doubles

$1/2  Rates:  vary
 on a daily, weekend & per season basis
Note:   for those of you who prefer the more quiet pace & energy of Cottonwood, and also, far less pricey, with only
 a 24 minute drive up 89A to Sedona; below,
 the Best Western is a wonderful alternative
 with really good people on staff;
& it's located in the center of al-
 most everything in Cottonwood.
~ For the best service, I highly recommend you contact, you personally call, telephone, the hotel.  They are aware of your conference "Attendee" status, and of your discount room rate, and are happy to serve & help you. ~
~ these photos reflect an accurate visual representation of the land on which these gatherings will be held. ~  
Saturday, late September 2021
9:00PM - 6:PM
Native Musical 
Cosmic Healer,
Galactic Mystic
Medicine Man
Annette Moody
Wise Sage,
Guest Speaker,
Yuwipi Chief,
Teacher of Ancestral Ways
Honored Native
Guest Artist,
Gordon Lewis
Across from Bear Mountain on sacred ancestral Yavapai-Apache land
Music & Arts 
Events Coordinator
Mato Wastecaka Cantetanka
Greatheart Charming Bear
playing:   "Wopila. Great Thanks Great Joy" ~ by
Mato Wastecaka Cantetanka of the Dakote Oyate'
Directly across from Bear Mountain & Katchina Point.   
Dakota, Sundance Chief & Yuwipi Chief, "Moves Like Thunder "
First Special event:   October 2 & 3, 2021
Like 2020, this Special Event will take place late October 2 & 32021 with honored Native Guest Speakers, Artists, Cultural Teachers, Medicine Men/Women, Shamans &  Musicians.
Nicole Nez
Date:   October 2 & 3, 2021
Times:  9:00AM - 6:00PM
Location:  same venue as the "Wopila Gathering" 2020 conference.
[see below;  and, written driving instructions will be sent via e-mail to each attendee]
of History Channel's
It will officially begin 9:00 AM -and go until approximately- 6:00 PM, each day.  Due to the far rural distance into the Sedona 'countryside' ~  an organic, 'green', well balanced, "farm-to-table", vegan/vegetarian style 1-hour+ lunch & dinner will be prepared & served on-site...  as a small part of the overall cost of your ticket.   Lunch & dinner are each valued at:  $20.00+.
"Wopila. A Special Gathering of Spiritual Friends & Family Conference
Sunday, late September 2021
Days:  Saturday & Sunday