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~ Native Cultural Special Event
& Sedona, AZ Conference
Transformational  Shift  Events
Host & Producer
Honored Native Guest
Izdzan ah ray
Izdzan ah ray ~ is a Wisdom Keeper & Medicine Woman, embracing wisdom and teachings from all cultures. Her lineage is of the Apache People, her paternal great-great grandmother being an Apache Scout and translator.

She lives the way of the Medicine Woman, as she partners with all her relations in both the seen and unseen worlds.

Isdzan-ah-ray has participated in sacred ceremonies in both the North and South American Native traditions. She has supported the Sundance Ceremony, as well as being a ceremonial dancer of the Spirit Dance, Sacred Circle People's Dance.  

She is a facilitator of the Sweat Lodge in both the North and South American ways, and has also participated in and supported the Vision Quest ceremony. She guides individuals and groups through prayer and intentions in the Sacred Pipe Ceremony.

Iszdan ah ray ~ has been gifted with a connection to the energies and medicines of the Animal Nations, and has the ability to guide others in connecting with their own inner medicine. She does this by leading them in ceremonies, songs, and teachings created to allow each individual's inner wisdom to rise.

She is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. She worked as a civilian for the United States Air Force and Indian Health Service as a Contracting Officer. Iszdan ah ray ~ holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management and a Master degree in Human Resource Management.
Dossier of Conference ~
Executive Producer
Honored Native Guest Speaker,
Tolec is Founder and Executive Producer of globally  held ~  Transformational Shift Events conferences, and special events he's organized & produced in Arizona, Colorado, Utah and southern & northern California.  He also co-founded with Joe Anthony the PlanetsWithin, monthly, Sedona, Arizona special event: "SEDONA CLOSE ENCOUNTERS".

He is the original host & co-producer of the interview series ~ DEEP DISCLOSURE:  AN EVOLVING REALITY.  He is also the founder & principal of:  Sedona Smooth Jazz focused on the promotion & production of R&B, soul, urban/funk  infused contemporary smooth jazz concerts.

Tolec is an international speaker and has been interviewed by top investigative radio journalists in excess of 250+ times over the past 10 years.

Andromeda [Galactic] Council.  In September of 2010, due to the recovered knowledge of his own incredible set of extraordinary contact experiences in August 1993, just after his move to Tucson, Arizona ~ Tolec learned he'd been having ongoing communication with non-voting board members of a deep space 'U.N', a Galactic Council, known as on Earth as the Andromeda Council, known in deep space by its Ambassadors & Diplomats as the "Galactic Council", it is a governance & development body of 140 star systems and over 300+ planets for people in both the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies.    The members of the Council indicate they've been in touch with him since age 5.

Subsequent to those 1993 experiences his life, his career  & personal interests were propelled into a completely different direction. During this time frame he studied the tenets of the enlightenment material of Ramtha, and Ra's teachings of "The Law of One".  

Professional Career
During the last twelve (12) years of his professional career Tolec was the Senior Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a global, private, alternative, asset management firm, and was a Managing Director & Director of Bank Operations for an international depository trust bank, Glacier International Depository Bank, which was, at the time, the bank of the Blackfeet Indian Nation

The prior 17+ years Tolec had a brief stint in venture capital, and held various positions of increasing responsibility in the healthcare software industry beginning his career with CIGNA.

Tolec has his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science with a double concentration in Public Administration -and- Urban & Regional Planning.
Honored Native, Special Guest Speakers & Presenters ~
Star Nation Elders, Story Tellers, Artists, Singers, Dancers, Drummers, Flutists & other Musicians
Clifford  Mahooty is a Zuni Pueblo Indian Elder of the Zuni People of New Mexico.

He is active in the Zuni orders of the Kachina, Galaxy Medicine Society, Sun Clan leadership, and is a wisdom keeper of the Zuni history and spiritual practices. 

He covers Zuni Tribal teachings including oral history, religion, rituals, kachinas, and spiritual practices and how they relate to UFOs, star people and spiritual beings. Mahooty is often best at comparing ancient oral teachings to modern scientific theories, discoveries and cosmic concepts based on his research and analysis, to Zuni sacred knowledge still in practice today.

 Mahooty is also a retired civil/environmental engineer (BSCE-NMSU-1969). He worked in many projects with Shell Oil Company, U.S Federal Government in Environmental justice for Indian tribes, Tribal housing projects in the USPHS as a commissioned officer in water, waste water, and EPA enforcement in environmental compliance.

Clifford  Mahooty is a Zuni Pueblo Indian Elder of the Zuni People of New Mexico.

He is active in the Zuni orders of the Kachina, Galaxy Medicine Society, Sun Clan leadership, and is a wisdom keeper of the Zuni history and spiritual practices. 

He covers Zuni Tribal teachings including oral history, religion, rituals, kachinas, and spiritual practices and how they relate to UFOs, star people and spiritual beings.

Mahooty is often best at comparing ancient oral teachings to modern scientific theories, discoveries and cosmic concepts based on his research and analysis, to Zuni sacred knowledge still in practice today.

Mr. Mahooty is also a retired civil/environmental engineer (BSCE-NMSU-1969). He worked in many projects with Shell Oil Company, U.S Federal Government in Environmental justice for Indian tribes, Tribal housing projects in the USPHS as a commissioned officer in water, waste water, and EPA enforcement in environmental compliance.
Clifford Mahooty
Chiricahua Apache
San Carlos Apache
Guest Speaker,
playing:   "Wopila. Great Thanks Great Joy" ~ by
Mato Wastecaka Cantetanka of the Dakote Oyate'
Medicine Woman, Sacred Pipe carrier
Beulah Nahwegahbow was born on the Sucker Creek Reserve with her mother's tribe. She was registered with her father's tribe, Whitefish River Band in Birch Island, Ontario Canada. 

She is a member of three tribes, Ojibwa, Odawa, and Potawatami who migrated from New York and moved north during the movement of the Native tribes to the reserves. All were guided by the ancestors to leave in their canoes during the night to Manitpulin Island, Ontario Canada.

Her great grandfather was the last hereditary chief of her tribe. 

Part of her family was in Residential school, she did not know my oldest brother until he was released at 18 years of age. 

The rest stayed on the Reserve School which was very inadequate, they were not allowed to speak their language, and tradition culture was forbidden. She did not speak English until she was nine, so she would not talk in school.

She married and had two wonderful children. They moved west to the Northwest [Canadian] Territories, and then to Calgary Alberta. 

She studied the Science of the Mind, left there, and was guided by spirit to go to a traditional group where she stayed for 30 years and was taught by the Ancestors and Medicine man.

In 2013, after messages she received in a dream ~ she was gifted a Crystal Skull. The Galactic Council told her she was one of the Guardians of the Crystal Skull. She met the Galactic Council during a visit to a sacred site in Medicine Hat, Alberta. There, she met a lady who came out of the red stones. The next day she was informed of her purpose here on Earth by the Council.

During her remaining time here on Earth she is fulfilling her assignments.

Honored Native 
Guest Speaker,
5th Generation
Yuwipi Chief &
Sundance Chief
"Moves Like Thunder"
Moves Like Thunder, "Wakiyanii-piciye", James White Wakute , is a Sundance Chief, a Yuwipi Chief and a sacred Medicine Man.

A humble, gracious, warm, kind, gentle man ~ Moves Like Thunder, (“Wakiyaniipiciye”), James White, is an enrolled Santee Dakota tribal member. 

He is a Sundance Chief, a Sundance Dancer & Singer since 1991, a Yuwipi Chief, and a Medicine Man helping others in the ways of prior Dakota Medicine Men who have already passed into the ancestral realm, Grampa Wallace,Elmer Running and Joe Tiona.

The word ”Yuwipi” refers to a healing/curing ritual, as well as the ritual specialist, the "Yuwipi man", (“Yuwipi wicaša”), among the Lakota, Dakota & Nakota Oyate. The ritual specialists are wrapped in a blanket or quilt and bound with leather cords while they call their spirit world helpers for deep spiritual insight and guidance. 

Wakan Tanka also blessed Moves Like Thunder with the idea of creating “Tobacco ties”, (“Cante paka” )meant to bless and enrich people's lives.

Born in 1964, James, Moves Like Thunder, was raised by his grandparents Phillip and Hazel White and while growing up lived on the Santee Dakota Indian Reservation in Nebraska.

Graduating from Santee Public School in 1983 he joined the U.S Army and served at Heilbronn, West Germany. After his experiences in the Army he came back to the U.S and entered trade school in Omaha, Nebraska.

Working mostly on semi-trucks, he became a truck driver; and, at the same time going to Dakota ceremonies. His “Yuwipi” Dream came to him at age 35, but he didn't follow it until he turned age 52. That dream changed his life in a good way.  

Today he follows this dream, enjoys very much his ability to positively affect many peoples lives educating the the Indian Way of Walking the Red Road, and still works as a Transit Bus Driver on the Santee Dakota Indian Reservation.
StandswithBear has traveled the country extensively utilizing his music, healings and channelings to assist others in their growth, life, and reaching their true potentiality by serving as a channel of the Divine Brotherhood and many Masters.

Being of Cherokee descent and a fourth generation Shaman in his lineage contributes to StandswithBear’s many works and gifts of the Creator, as well as teachings from his Star friends. They also taught him the very powerful technique of DNA Restructurization.  

Standswithbear is also currently co-founder of Starseed Alliance International (SAI) (, along with Susan Goldwag (Lightstar), where they have formulated a galactic resource center. The organization’s mission is to awaken and unite the global Starseed family to create a platform for the visionaries of the new world, and create alliances between global Starseed communities. 

He wants people to know, "...My friends you must know...although these many gifts unfold before me I do not claim what comes through me, I am merely the vessel my hands, voice and energy is that of the Creatorship. Only when I completely surrender to the Creator energy do I become that conduit to the gifts that unfold and it is my honor to willingly do so."
Native Flute Musician,
Ancient Cosmic Healer,
Galactic Mystic
Annette Moody
James Bilagody is currently on his tenth year as an independent performer, singer, songwriter and educator. His interest and passion for encouraging community development has led to teaching and developing programs to ensure the future presence of the Navajo way of life through language, culture, tradition and keeping the traditional ceremonies in tact. 

His contributions through humor, wisdom and understanding have helped Native people realize how they can fit, honorably, into a future of Native education, lifestyle and viable economic pursuit.

Throughout his professional career as a musician, James has received numerous acknowledgments towards his contributions to the Navajo culture.

Sacred Stage,” with CANYON RECORDS/Towering House Entertainment, T.H.E., was nominated for the Native American Music Award Best-Pop/rock-Album-of-the-Year, 2003;  Robbie Robertson says of Bilagody music “…Navajo, an amazing sound…a phenomenal performance…one of the great musical experiences of my life.”

He is featured in several films including “The Blue Gap Boyz,” 2008; “More Than Frybread,”2012, and more recently in “HOZHO, The Beauty Way”, Sedona Film Productions 2013.

​As an Author “Walk in Beauty” he is published in the home study course: “The Seven Essential Keys to Psychic Development” by Valerie Anthony.

James currently tours with the standup comedy trio GRASSROOTS Comedy, and lives with his family, in reverence, on the Navajo reservation in Tuba City, Arizona.

James says, “I try each day to live Hozho’; a concept of Beauty, Serenity, Health, Harmony and Balance, an integral portion of Sa’ah Naaghai Bik’eh Hozhoon, The Beauty Way of Life”, James Bilagody.

Teacher of the
Ancestral Ways
Cosmic Cherokee
Honored Native
Guest Artist,
Gordon Lewis is a tribal member of the McDowell Yavapai Nation, related to the San Carlos & Mescalero Apache.

Through the Creator's gift of art Gordon shares his cultural heritage for the purpose of preserving the roots of his ancestors.  

He is an incredible, highly gifted, long time, well respected, award winning, master fine artist working in the mediums of wood carvings, pen & ink, charcoal, oils and acrylics.

At the young age of four Gordon's artistic talents were evident. During his elementary [school] years he won numerous art awards including an award sponsored by the Phoenix Chambers of Commerce.

During the 1970s Gordon was introduced to Apache Indina tradition by his Mother, Flora Lewis, a Yavapai/Apache woman who often listened to Apache music by the late Phillip Cassadore. His mother also influenced his desre to preserve Native culture by specializing in Apache Crown dance art.

Today, many of Gordon's art piece collections are owned by tribal presidents, celebrities, private and non-private art collectors on a local, national and global scale.
Gordon Lewis
"Bright Star"
About Nicole Nez - Diné / Bilagáana

Nicole Nez identifies as an "urban Indian”, born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico immersed in the Native American and Santa Fe art world. Nicole’s mother was a renowned Diné ceramicist and her “dad” a Southwest Style custom woodcrafter.

Being Diné (Navajo) and Bilagáana (Caucasian American), from an upbringing of living on the land with no running water and an outhouse to becoming a city dweller - Nicole walks in between two roads in many aspects of life; straddling worlds and weaving a life of art, culture, music, activism, environmentalism, health and wellness.

Nicole has over 10 years experience as an event producer managing and producing live events for many mindful, conscious and social impact events such as ARISE Music Festival, Bodhi Tree at Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Bioneers Indigenous Knowledge program, and the Illuminate Film Festival.

Currently, Nicole is living in Sedona, AZ with her partner Stephen, recently launching Metamorphosis Photographic Studio and Walk the Beauty Path, an international cultural tour company.

Nicole enjoys enriching her life through creative endeavors and projects that are aimed at making a difference in the world, specifically restoring dignity for indigenous peoples of the world and empowering the next generation.
Nicole Nez
Honored Guest Speaker,
Rob Simone is a researcher, Radio/TV host and producer.

He travels the world to find the most interesting people on the planet. His radio show covers science, consciousness, new thought, metaphysics & more.

Rob Hosts "The Rob Simone Talk Show" on 104.4 FM London & Guest Hosts on Coast to Coast AM, the largest over-night talk show, syndicated on 560 radio stations nationwide.

Rob hosted his first Radio show in Australia, on Nimbin FM then on HBC 94 FM, Kathmandu, Nepal, then starting in 2002 on 
104.4 FM, Resonance Broadcasting, London. 

Rob's insights have sparked national conversations about current events, the nature of reality and the growing field of conscious media. 

Rob traveled through 27 countries exploring many mysterious and sacred places and the un-explained phenomenon that surrounds them. 

Rob lectures at conferences across the country about his book "UFOs in the Headlines" and other topics including: "The Aboriginals of Australia and the Ancient Alien Connection," "UFOLOGY 101," "INTERNATIONAL UFOLOGY: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE TO A GALACTIC PHENOMENON" and "Water: The Universal Conduit."

Rob Simone has authored two books, is a featured writer for national magazines, and was recently included in FATE Magazine’s "Top 100 Ufologists" list, along with Dan Aykroyd and Steven Spielberg. 

Rob has appeared in Ancient Aliens and "Decoding The Past" for the History Channel, Destination America's "Unsealed Files," "ETs Among Us: UFO Witnesses and Whistleblowers" and the Travel Channel's "Mysteries at the Museum."
Rob Simone
Honored Native 
Guest Artist
First & last Name 
This Native individual...
Expert on
People of Australia
Honored Native
Star Nation Elder
Medicine Man,
Guest Speaker
of History Channel's
Honored Native
 Guest Speaker,
Robert Soto is the acting Chairman of the Lipan Apache Tribe.  He is a descendent of Chief Poca Ropa of the Little Breech Cloth Band of the Lipan Apache Tribe located in south Texas.

Robert has been Indian dancing for about 57 years, since he was 8 years old.  He is also presently is the Chairman of the South Texas American Indian Dancers, a group which consists of about 45 dancers and 25 non-dancers from 16 different tribal groups. 

He has been a Feather Dancer for over 48 years and has won many awards for his Indian dancing and artwork in various pow wows throughout the nation. He has been Gourd Dancing for many years and currently is an active member of the Gulf Coast Tia Piah Gourd Dance Society of Houston, Texas. He been performing the Eagle Dance and the Hoop Dance for over 40 years.  When Robert dances, he dances in honor of his ancestors who danced before him, dance.  He also plays the Key of F# "Love Flute". 

All of Robert's Indian outfit was handmade by him - from the beadwork to the featherwork. His outfit goes with him wherever he travels. He, along with the South Texas American Indian Dancers, performs about 40 times a year across the U.S, Canada, all throughout Europe, South America and Australia.

Robert Soto has also played a role in changing American Indian Rights on the federal level. On March 11, 2006 the federal government brought an agent from the Department of Interior (DIA) into the pow wow circle of Robert's family's pow wow. In the process they took 42 of his eagle feathers.   

Finally, years later, Robert won a lawsuit against the Department of Interior in 2015. As part of the settlement, the DOI gave Robert back his eagle feathers. Also, he and over 200 Lipan Apache Tribe members can own and use eagle feathers and feathers other migratory birds for ceremonial purposes.

The Lipan Apaches today number about 4,500 people.  At one time they were almost annihilated in the area of Southwest Texas and its border with northern Mexico until the 1880's, after Texas had become a state and passed laws forbidding Native Americans from living in the newfound state. At that time, most of the Lipan Apaches moved to the mountains of Mexico and to several of the reservations in New Mexico and Oklahoma. Yet many of them continued to live in the area by changing their names and adopting the Mexican culture.
Lipan Apache
Feather, Gourd,
Eagle & Hoop
Robert Soto
Highly Knowledgeable
Medicine Man
James White Wakute
of the local Middle Verde
Yavapai-Apache Nation
Feather & 
Bird Singers
Some of the singers from our 2018 event
Honored Native
Star Nation Elder,
Cultural Teacher
The Feather & Bird Singers & Ron
Guest Speaker,
Honored Native 
Guest Leader,
Teacher of the
Ancestral Ways
Ron Yuan
Ron Yuan is of the Quechan Nation in  what is known as southern California.

He is partnered with an incredible woman of the Middle Verde Yavapai-Apache Nation in  Camp Verde, Arizona.

He is responsible for the training,  mentorship and leadership of the young people who are the "Feather & Bird Singers" of the Yavapai-Apache Nation, truly a very talented group of young people who sang for us at our 2018 Transformational Shift Events Conference in late September 2018.
Beulah Nahwegahbow
Apache /  In-dey
Honored Native
Ga'an, Spirit
"Crown Dancers"
Five (5) Male Sprit Dancers, one is 'the Clown' Dancer
Read all about the Ga'an, Spirit, Mountain, Crown Dancers at: 
2013 Sedona Film Productions documentary
movie ~ "HOZHO ~
celebrating all that is in
nature is beautiful in Navajo life, peace, balance, beauty, harmony.
[click on below film graphic, or Vimeo link, to watch the "HOZHO ~THE BEAUTY WAY" movie trailer]
Honored Native 
Guest Speaker,
CEO, Sedona Wellness & Pagosa Wellness
 Media Producer,
Live Event Producer
Practitioner and
James Bilagody
Honored Native 
Guest Speaker,
Independent Performer,
Singer, Songwriter and Educator
Honored Native 
Guest Speaker,
"Urban Native Princess"
Live Music & Arts 
Events Producer
Lorrie Lawrence
Cherokee, Osage
This movie will be shown on Saturday of this special Native Cultural Event & Conference.  An extensive Q&A discussion session with James and Lorrie, as well as a workshop, will immediately follow the screening of this movie. 
Lorrie Lawrence, LMMT 1200 hr, AP, RYT 200 hr, NCBTMB, NAMA.

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, former field medic and VA nurse, Lorrie has over 30 years experience in the field of health, modern and ancient integrative wellness modalities.

  She says, “...My early years were spent in California growing up at the ocean. Raised with my fathers Native American descent as a young adult the native American medicine altar was passed on to me. 

Living in Los Angeles, I spent those early adult years fascinated by the film industry and embraced it as part of my career. All of this culminated into a symbiotic relationship of medicine and wellness film and wellness event production after completing studies and practicum in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France and Mexico for Allopathic and Indigenous Medicine and event production. Passionate respect and love for ancient medicine systems and specializing in Ayurveda, my journey has led to an education with Dr’s Deepak ChopraDavid Simon, and Vasant Lad, for Ayurvedic Medicine and is a Certified Chopra Center educator.”

Lorrie teaches and develops wellness programs to assist and support her clients on their journey to optimal health. Lorrie is an author/contributor to wellness industry publications and public speaker.

 Lorrie is a National Board Certified Continued Education Provider and is the founder & Operational Director of Sedona Wellness, Pagosa Wellness and the upcoming Aztec Wellness.

 Lorrie loves spending her time in Nature Hiking and Mountain Biking in the Red Rocks and horseback riding into the Colorado Mountains and producing transformational wellness events. 

She currently spends her time practicing and leading retreats, cleanse programs and educational workshops at Sedona Wellness in Clarkdale, AZ and Pagosa Wellness in Pagosa Springs, CO.
Makia Mystical Art
Magical Realism Fine Art Photography 
Walk The Beauty Path
Travel Advisor & Live Event Consulting  
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e-mail:   [email protected]
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