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Transformational Shift Events
2017 USA Special Events
During 2017, Transformational Shift Events is promoting & sponsoring Tolec of the Andromeda Council -and- Adona of StarAncestry, as well as other gifted individuals across the American West, at special one-day events, in places such as Tucson, greater Phoenix & Sedona, AZ;  Santa Fe, NM;  Mt. Shasta, CA, the greater San Diego area, Portland, OR, as well as the greater Denver, Colorado area, and others.
June 3, 2017             greater Portland, Oregon area - including Taylore & Roi.

June 10, 2017           Mt. Shasta, California -  including Tracee Houghton of Universal Cosmic Mind
                                                                                 and  ret. Diplomat Lewis Elbinger of Silk Road Chai Shop.

June 17, 2017           Spokane, Washington  -  in collaboration with Chris & Sheree Geo of - Beyond the Veil          
                                  Radio Program                                             .            

July 19-29, 2017        greater Denver, Colorado area -  including Don Daniels and Sierra Neblina of Galactic University
                                                                 and in collaboration with Debbie Solaris of LightPath Academy.

August 19, 2017        greater San Diego, California, area  - in collaboration with Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.

September 16,2017  Tucson, Arizona - TSE presents: "You Revealed..." including major events in the lives of Alexandra
                                  Meadors, Shekina Rose of the Blue Ray                                      , Suzanne Ross  of  Supernatural Sedona 
                                                                                -&- Cheyene Stone of Stone Virtue                                 .

September 23,2017  Sedona, Arizona  - Autumnal Equinox celebration weekend, including:  Chief Golden Light Eagle/ Héha ka Inazi, 
                                  Cheyene Stone of Stone Virtue  and  Alexandra Meadors.

November 11, 2017  Sedona, Arizona -  11:11  "Activating the Starseed Global Mission", Peace Emissaries  lead by:  Shekina Rose,
                                  Suzanne Ross and in collaboration with Clint Culberson of Lords of Consciousness                                                  .
**Please see the - Tickets - page of this web site to purchase your tickets for each of the 
one-day special events with Tolec and Adona.**
Alexandra Meadors
Shekina Rose
USA Special Events 
Cities where Tolec & Adona will speak include
Tolec & Adona, and any additional Speakers joining them, will be people who have special insight and enlightening information that will very likely have a positive impact on your lives - during this time of dramatic & dynamic transformative changes -  in which we are living.
Please note that each & every event we do - will always have an afternoon, extended, audience interactive, Q&A Panel Discussion.
Schedule -  USA Special Events
The True Nature of You -
 A Multidimensional Being
The real Reasons you are on this Planet
Your literal -
 Star Ancestry
The comparative nature of time in this 3D vibration
The life changing topics addressed  & discussed include:
4D & 5D Life - what to expect
The kind of amazing continued changes you can expect over the next few years... as this planet, and its people, move toward becoming a higher dimensional world
The real reasons why the "Powers that Be"/"New World Order" is going down, right now
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Suzanne Ross
Accessing the angelic realms & frequencies of light
Healing your spirit and recreating a better you