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2017 USA Special Events
During 2017, Transformational Shift Events is promoting & sponsoring Tolec of the Andromeda Council -and- Adona of StarAncestry, as well as other gifted individuals across the American West, at special one-day events, in places such as Tucson, greater Phoenix & Sedona, AZ;  Santa Fe, NM;  Mt. Shasta, CA, the greater San Diego area, Portland, OR, as well as the greater Denver, Colorado area, and others.

August 19, 2017        Escondido, [greater San Diego], California, area - in direct collaboration with Alexandra 
                                  Meadors of Galactic Connection                                           .

                                  Sedona, Arizona  - 2017 Sedona Autumnal Equinox Celebration weekend.  Sacred Native American 
                                  teachings & extensive, higher dimensional star knowledge will be revealed & discussed.   Speakers
                                  include:  Chief Golden Light Eagle [Wambidi Izaŋzaŋ Zizi Itaŋcaŋ] (Nakota, Dakota, Lakota Hereditary
                                  Chief)                                                     , Grandmother Star Laughing-Fox [Ulisi Noquisi Uyetsasgvi Inoli ] 
                                  (Wolf Clan, Cherokee Medicine Woman), James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch                      , John Tenayuca, 
                                  Shaman, Toltec Indian Master                                             ,  Bearcloud
                                  of Bearcloud Gallery in Sedona/Village of Oak Creek,  Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection
                                                                            ,  Cheyene Stone (Choctaw/Shawnee) of Stone Virtue
                                  Shekina Rose (Dakote) Peace Emissary of the Blue Ray                                       ,  David Still, LL.M of
                                  Australia                                           , Suzanne Ross of Supernatural Sedona                                               .
                                  In collaboration with, hosted by, Clint Culberson of Lords of Consciousness                                                  .
**Please see the - Tickets - page of this web site to purchase your tickets for each of the 
Special Events & Conferences with Tolec, Adona & many others.**
Alexandra Meadors
Shekina Rose
USA Special Events
Cities where Tolec & Adona will both speak also include these noted Speakers to the right: 
Tolec & Adona, and any additional Speakers joining them, will be people who have special insight and enlightening information that will very likely have a positive impact on your lives - during this time of dramatic & dynamic transformative changes -  in which we are living.
Please note that each & every event we do - will always have an afternoon, extended, audience interactive, Q&A Panel Discussion.
Schedule - USA Special Events
The True Nature of You -
 A Multidimensional Being
The real Reasons you are on this Planet
Your literal -
 Star Ancestry
The comparative nature of time in this 3D vibration
The life changing topics addressed  & discussed include:
4D & 5D Life - what to expect
The kind of amazing continued changes you can expect over the next few years... as this planet, and its people, move toward becoming a higher dimensional world
The real reasons why the "Powers that Be"/"New World Order" is going down, right now
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Suzanne Ross
Accessing the angelic realms & frequencies of light
Healing your spirit and recreating a better you
James Gilliland, ECETI
Chief Golden Light Eagle/
Wambdi Izaŋzaŋ Zizi Itaŋcaŋ
Grandmother Star Laughing-Fox/
Ulisi Noquisi Uyetsasgvi Inoli
Each event will begin at 9:00AM & go until 6:30PM each day - with an hour & 15 minute break for lunch.
Sierra Neblina
Don Daniels 
** Update.   Please understand the - Sedona Community Center - where the September 22-24, and below November 11, 2017, event will be held can only hold a seating for:  75+- people, maximum capacity.   And, there are now only
 12 tickets left available for sale for this event.   So, if you are seriously considering attending this conference, I recommend buying your tickets... 
the sooner the better. **
November 11, 2017   Sedona, Arizona - 11:11 "Activating the Starseed Global Mission".  Peace Emissaries  lead by:  Shekina Rose of the
                                  Blue Ray & Shekina Speaks, Suzanne Ross of Supernatural Sedona, Adona of StarAncestry, Tolec for the Andromeda
                                  Council, and many other gifted, highly empathic, starseed guests of honor.  Included will be -  a workshop, ceremony,  
                                  starseed empath share circle, and language of light activation & healing.
Evergreen, greater Denver, Colorado - Don Daniels, author of Evolution Through Contact : Becoming a Cosmic Citizen,  Sierra Neblina, Founder of Galactic U                                     
and Anne Salisbury, PhD, author of The Path of Intuition: Your Guidebook for Your Life’s Journey                                                   .
July 22, 2017
Anne Salisbury, PhD
everyone! This was a great event & turnout.
Life after Life
Another great event with an awesome turnout, and really intelligent questions.  THANK YOU to all of you that attended !
Friday -  2:00PM - 7:30PM
Saturday -  9:AM - 7:30PM
Sunday -  10:AM -  6:00PM
September 22-24,
** 2017 Sedona Autumnal Equinox Celebration **
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The second daySaturday, and ONLY the second day of this conference, [instead of it being held at the Sedona Community Center in West Sedona] -  it will be held on the top of a mesa, about 5 miles south, only a 5-7 minute drive southeast of Cottonwood, Arizona [which is only 17-20 easy minutes, drive south, on 89A, directly from the Sedona Community center, which is site of the Friday venuein a different venue.

The Saturday venue is located just off of Arizona State Road 260, 5-7 minutes southeast of Cottonwood.


If you are taking I-17 north, take the 287 Cottonwood exit heading northwest to Cottonwood.  From this exit, and direction, we are about 15 minutes up the road from this exit.   It will be a right hand turn onto E. Thousand Trails Road. ___

                                                 DIRECTIONS from West Sedona

After driving down 89A toward Cottonwood, which will take about 17-20 minutes, at the "Big Bear Diner" set of multiple lights - you take a left onto 260 heading toward [Interstate] I-17.

To get to this second venue  [after only driving 5-7 minutes southeast on 260]  you will take a left off of 260 -
just after when this road narrows from 2 lanes...  down to one.

**NOTE:  this is an Arizona State Highway, mostly a 2 lane road.  The - speed limits - are enforced.  My advice, pay attention & drive slowly.**  

From this direction, you will take a left off of 260 onto - E. Thousand Trails Road.

You will follow Thousand Trails [asphalt] Road, straight, about 3 minutes, until you come upon the gated opening to the "Thousand Trails - Verde Valley RV Resort ".  It's a location with incredible... 240 degree  'million dollar' views...  of canyons below, to the east, and Sedona off to the north in the distance.

Attendees will be greeted by a gate attendant... who will give you a guest parking pass... and let you in.

Once the gate lifts -  travel about 100 feet & take your first right on the upper "M" level - where the sign is located for the Office.  There you will find a large, paved, asphalt parking lot.

Park your car.   Walk toward the office bearing right;  and you will enter the conference room through a door on the far right hand side of the building.

Look for all of the people._____   

guarantee this location on the 2nd day of this conference will make this event a truly memorable one for you.

I also expect something else, the unexpected.   The drive there should be a gentle & easy one for all of you.

Note:  since this second day of the conference, Saturday, will be held outside of town [at least in relation to food] -  we will be offering & providing, at a very, very reasonable price, a fresh turkey salad sandwich on multi-grain bread, sprouts & tomatoes, a side of light cole slaw and chips.  You won't need to drive anywhere.
Saturday LUNCH