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2017 Forster Awaken Your Inner Spirit  Conference New South Wales, Australia
Our Donation
Aho.  A  percentage  of  proceeds  of  various  conferences & special events promoted & produced by Transformational Shift Events will be donated to the noble People of this beautiful land we call home.  So much has been taken from them.  They deserve so much more. 

Pilamaya yelo.  Wopila.  Wolakota.
** Important note:   All conference and special event ticket sales are final and non-refundable;  except  in extraordinary circumstances such as cancellation of the event, or due to the death/loss of your spouse or family member.   'Really sorry to have to make this statement, it is the nature of how money is used on this planet ... in order to ensure protection against financial loss.**     We will also sell tickets at the door for each event. 
2017 Pacific Rim Tour Cities
2017 Tugun Transformational Shift Conference Southern Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Big Island of Hawaii -  Hawaii Sky, Star, Journey, Retreat Vacation
Click on the below Hawaii web site to Register & purchase Tickets:
late October or November 2017   Shanghai, China   Tolec of the Andromeda Council -and - Adona of Star Ancestry
Forster, Australia Conference
One Day - Special Events
late October or November 2017    Singapore   Tolec of the Andromeda Council -and- Adona of Star Ancestry
Please contact  Nya or Ameerah - in Singapore - for developing details and/or tickets for this event at:
2017年5月21日  中国上海。 Tolec, 银河联盟 和 Adona,星星祖先
Tickets:  $124. (USD)
事件票:    855 人民币
- 为中国人购买特别活动票  -
2017 USA Special Events
July 22, 2017      Evergreen [greater Denver], Colorado area  [Tolec for the Andromeda Council,
                               Adona of StarAncestry, in collaboration with Don Daniels & Sierra Neblina of 
                               Galactic University and Anne Salisbury, PhD, author of The Path of Intuition:  
                               Your Guidebook for Your Life’s Journey ]

August 19, 2017     Valley Center [greater San Diego], California, area  [Tolec for the Andromeda 
                                    Council, Adona of StarAncestry & in collaboration with  Alexandra Meadors 
                                    of  Galactic Connection.

September 16, 2017   Tucson, Arizona  [Tolec for the Andromeda Council with Adona of Star Ancestry, 
                                        Shekina Rose of the Blue Ray, Suzanne Ross of Supernatural Sedona, Alexandra
                                        Meadors of Galactic Connection, Star Laughing-Fox, and Cheyene Stone of Stone

September 22 - 24,   Sedona, Arizona  [Tolec for the Andromeda Council with Adona of Star Ancestry,
                                       Chief Golden Light Eagle of the Star Knowledge Conferences, Grandmother Star
                                       Laughing Fox, Rod Bearcloud Berry of the Bearcloud Gallery, James Gilliland of
                                       ECETI,  Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection,  Cheyene Stone of Stone
                                       Virtue  and  Shekina Rose, Peace Emissary for the Blue Ray & Shekina Speaks.]
October 7 & 8, 2017
October 20-22, 2017
[1 ticket - discounted from October 2017 - Full Price]
[1 ticket + 2nd ticket at  1/2 price]
[2 tickets + 3rd ticket for FREE]
Early Bird Special Pricing:     AU$300.
Tugun, Australia Conference
**These discounts good thru - July 30, 2017**
Singapore venue:  Oasia Hotel Novena
Shanghai, China - Special Event
[1 week long, 7 days]
2017 Star ki Tara l Aloha ke Akua  -  Being the Sacred
Meet & Greet the Speakers - Mixer Event:    AU$65.
Meet & Greet the Speakers - Mixer Event
new date to be determined
** Ticket prices are subject to change. **
Ticket:  $185.
All Special Events will typically take place from:
9:AM - 6:30PM.  One hour & 15 minute break for lunch.
Two Day Conference Ticket
[1 ticket + 2nd ticket at  1/2 price]
[2 tickets + 3rd ticket for FREE]
Discount Special Pricing:     AUD$150.
Meet & Greet the Speakers - Mixer Event:    AUD$65.
1 Person +1, Discount Special
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2 Person +1, Discount Special
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Meet & Greet the Speakers - Mixer Event
Ticket:  $54.
Ticket:  $65.
Ticket:  $65.
Ticket:  $65.
Where the Books Go
27888 Meadow Drive
Unit F
Evergreen, Colorado  80439  
telephone:  303.284.6261
Each and every event will include a late afternoon, interactive, Q&A Panel Discussion between the audience members and the Speakers.
Spirit's Child
3870 W River Rd
Suite 120
Tucson, AZ 85741
Same Venue as Above
Evergreen,CO - Special Event
Valley Center, CA - Special Event
October 6, 2017
October 20, 2017
Rancho Sarkara
11550 Old Castle Rd
Valley Center, CA 92082
Rancho Sakara
Sedona, AZ - Activating the Starseed Global Mission
Sedona, AZ-Autumnal Equinox Celebration
The scheduled - one day Special Events - where Tolec & Adona will speak include:
Tucson, AZ - You Revealed
For people around the country wishing to attend this conference, and/or the below event, it might help you to know that recently Sedona, Arizona  claimed the top spot by USA Weekend as one of the - "Most Beautiful Places in America".  Therefore, you may wish to, at minimum, plan & book your room ahead, or at least for an overall extended stay in this extraordinarily beautiful resort area. 

Here is a list of web sites to choose from where you can book a wide variety of rooms from mid-class motels/hotels & resorts... all the way up to top end, 5-star, premium Sedona resorts:

You also have a choice of very reasonably priced hotels & motels in the greater Cottonwood, Arizona area, only a 15 minute drive from the conference venue, the Sedona Community Center. 
In order to drive to and access the Sedona Community Center [which is in West Sedona], due to the insanely high amount of traffic in Sedona] - I highly recommend that you take the McGuireville/Cornville Road exit off of I-17, this is also AZ State Road 30, heading west toward Cottonwood.  Take this road until 89A.  Turn right, north, onto 89A heading into West Sedona.  The Center is about 15 minutes up the hill. 
Sedona Community Center
[Corner of Melody Lane & 
Harmony Drive]
2615  Melody  Lane
Sedona, Arizona 86339
telephone:  928.282.2834
Sedona Community Center
** Please understand the - Sedona Community Center - where the September 22-24, and below November 11, 2017, event will be held can only hold, seated:  75+- people.   Therefore tickets are very limited.    If you are seriously considering attending, I recommend buying your tickets... the sooner the better. **
November 11, 2017   Sedona, Arizona  11:11 Activating the Starseed Global Mission.   [Shekina Rose, Peace 
                                       Emissary of the Blue Ray & Skekina Speaks,  Suzanne Ross of Lighten Up! TV,  Adona of
                                       StarAncestry, Tolec for the Andromda Council, and many other gifted, highly empathic
                                       starseed guests of honor.
Three Day Conference Ticket
1 Person +1, Discount Special
Provide name of your +1 Person
2 Person +1, Discount Special
Provide names of all people