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2017 Newcastle Awaken Your Inner Spirit, Special Event Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Our Donation
Aho.  A  percentage  of  proceeds  of  various  conferences & special events promoted & produced by Transformational Shift Events will be donated to the noble People of this beautiful land we call home.  So much has been taken from them.  They deserve so much more. 

Pilamaya yelo.  Wopila.  Wolakota.
** Important note:   All conference and special event ticket sales are final and non-refundable;  except  in extraordinary circumstances, such as cancellation due to the death/loss of a spouse or family member.   'Really sorry to have to make this statement, it is the nature of how money is used on this planet ... in order to ensure protection against financial loss.**     We will also sell tickets at the door for each event. 
2017 Pacific Rim Tour
2017 Brisbane Transformational Shift Conference - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Big Island of Hawaii -  Hawaii Sky, Star, Journey, Retreat Vacation
Click on the below Hawaii web site to Register & purchase Tickets:
May 21, 2017     Shanghai, China    Tolec of the Andromeda Council -and - Adona of Star Ancestry
Newcastle, Australia -  Special Event
One Day - Special Events
May 19, 2017     Singapore     Tolec of the Andromeda Council -and- Adona of Star Ancestry
Please contact  Nya or Ameerah - in Singapore - for developing details and/or tickets for this event, by 20th March, 2017, at:
2017年5月21日  中国上海。 Tolec, 银河联盟 和 Adona,星星祖先
Tickets:  $124. (USD)
事件票:    855 人民币
- 为中国人购买特别活动票  -
2017 Special Events
The scheduled  - one day Special Events - where Tolec will speak include: 

June 3, 2017               greater Portland, Oregon area   [with Adona of Star Ancestry]

June 10, 2017             greater San Francisco Bay area, California   [with Adona of Star Ancestry]

July      , 2017             greater Denver, Colorado area  [with Adona of Star Ancestry]

Summer 2017             greater Los Angeles, California, area  [with Adona of Star Ancestry] 
                                     & in collaboration with Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.

August 19, 2017          Sedona, Arizona  [with Adona of Star Ancestry & Shekina Rose of the Blue Ray
​                                     and Cheyene Stone of  Stone Virtue]

September 2017         Tucson, Arizona  [with Adona of Star Ancestry, Shekina Rose of the Blue Ray, 
                                     Cheyene Stone of Stone Virtue, and other local, Arizona, gifted Speakers]
For information regarding the actual venue & tickets for this Special Event - please contact:     
October 7, 2017
October 20-22, 2017
Dan Bugitti [in Australia] at:
[1 ticket - discounted from October 2017 - Full Price]
[1 ticket + 2nd ticket at  1/2 price]
[2 tickets + 3rd ticket for FREE]
1 Person +1, Discount Special
Provide name of your +1 Person
2 Person +1, Discount Special
Provide names of all people
Early Bird Special Pricing:     AU$300.
Brisbane, Australia Conference
Three Day Conference Ticket
**These discounts good thru - June 30, 2017**
Singapore venue:  Oasia Hotel Novena
Shanghai, China - Special Event
[1 week long, 7 days]
2017 Star ki Tara l Aloha ke Akua  -  Being the Sacred
Transformational Shift Events
Tickets for Sale  -  Newcastle, Brisbane Conferences & One Day Events
Meet & Greet the Speakers - Mixer Event:     AU$65.
Meet & Greet the Speakers - Mixer Event
May 25-31, 2017