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Since this organization, just meTolec, is dedicated to producing events which I believe can contribute to peoples opening, and/or continued spiritual awakening, to their higher consciousness and to the ultimate higher dimensional transformation of this beautiful world;  and, given  this is all I do now  to  create  a monetary

Feel free to donate an amount you feel is appropriate to help me
...especially if the speakers & knowledge I am sharing with you, with the various conferences & events
 I am producing, touches the deepest parts of your heart & soul.

The PayPal button is to your above right.   All you have to do is click on it.  It will take you directly 
to PayPal's website.

Go through the Log-in process.  Provide your Paypal associated e-mail address.

Enter the PayPal associated e-mail address:   [email protected]

Then provide the amount you wish to donate.   And press send - via Family & Friends.

This will complete the donation process via PayPal.   I truly hope you benefit from all that I'm able to bring to all of you through the various conferences, seminars & other events I will be producing.

For the record, please note, I will continue to not ask for any donations...  for any of the knowledge gained from any of my current, or future interviews, or from my direct  "Tolec" work that you will find on the Andromeda Council web site:   or  ​on  the  Andromeda Council YouTube channel:  TolecfromDakote

In advance, thank you, pilamaya yelo, for your kindness and many continued blessings to all of you.  Wodakote. 
'foundation' for my life on this planet.
in my journey on this world
song - "Kaehali", courtesy of Mato Was'tecaka Cantetanka
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