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   Healed, Authentic
   Self Empowered


Join top, highly gifted minds & gentle spirits in exploring growing consciousness, higher dimensional, spiritual, inter-related geopolitical, social, cultural & interpersonal change issues;  and various modalities to deal with these.

We truly hope you will gain new knowledge, insights and wisdom shared by our speakers, including noble Native American, Indigenous, Hawaiian, Aboriginal teachers, and others, in these upcoming unique events.  With these experiences we hope will come great insight, knowledge, wisdom.   And personal joy.

The goal of each specific conference, and  special  event,  is  to  help  enlighten,
inform & impart both practical knowledge and wisdom as we attempt to deal with   formative changes happening on our  world today.  You can be assured these 
very real continued political, social consciousness and trans-
Expect these conferences, and special events, to always be intelligent, heart centered, enlightening & grounded experiences... with many opportunities for extensive two way dialogues between you, each other and the speakers, story tellers, shamans, healers & facilitators.

 Mitakuye' Oya'sin.  All my relations, we are all related, we are all one.  Right?   Well, ultimately we are all children of the Creator, of Creation,
 likely, the greatest of mysteries.  Therefore, come join us in the exploration of this journey together, we, this diverse human species on this 
 beautiful blue planet.   It is time to bring all of the tribes, all of the people, of this world together, in heart centered community.   

transformational changes will continue,  on  every  level,  as we
The 2016 Transformational Shift Conference was an absolute adventure of the merging multidimensions & an experience of true expansion in truth, transparency & the joy of bridging heaven to Earth.   Tara, Jamaica.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tolec for... putting  together a spectacular conference… for this newly awakening soul.  As a result, a lot of us are going back to our homes enlightened & more knowledgeable.  I go home with a great deal of joy in my heart and resolve to do my part in this great awakening & transformation of humanity.  ~ Annette, Oregon
The Transformational Shift Conference was an experience that was unforgettable.  The speakers were amazing, informative and the event was very interpersonal.  The information provided was fantastic & I would definitely recommend this conference to anyone that wants to 
improve their personal life.
~  Dan & Cherie, New South Wales, Australia.
I felt an extraordinary level of family recognition and love, the energetic glow of sacred space, the reverent respect for our unseen star being family that was there with us and a deep thirst for what was being revealed.   I felt the truth that each attendee made a contribution to the collective Transformational Shift experience.

I experienced lasting hope for the times we are in now and to come, a deep calm that I can relax into, an acceptance of my being as I am and the added gift of conference friendships that continue on now that I am home. 
 ~ Rosemary, Montana.
The Transformational Shift Conference was a profound experience for me.  I was able to get confirmations for experiences I personally was having.  The speakers and the people attending the conference were beautiful souls and very helpful.  I would attend another conference just to learn more information.
 Dawn, Pennsylvania.
Excellent Conference with a wonderful diversity of presenters and topics related to humanity’s ‘Transformational Shift.’ Additionally, I really enjoyed the venue and attendees!  It felt like coming home to family!  Thank you Tolec, for putting together a wonderful experience! I’m looking forward to your next event! 
~  Lisa, California
Tucson, AZ
The 2016 Transformational Shift Conference truly lived up to it's name. I am forever changed and for the better! The connections I made with people are lifelong and the experiences I had are forever treasures. There were so many great moments it's hard to put in a couple of sentences. The heart connections, the information, the lessons, the content..... the immediate sense of 'belonging' in a room full of strangers..... the respect for one another from varied backgrounds and histories, WOW!  And the unexpected sense of community and camaraderie.... I'm sooo grateful!   One attendee from Italy via Seattle via LA asked me if I talked about this stuff with my family and I just laughed... yeah right, I said, but here, here was my family, star family relations and kindred spirits.  Tolec, thank you sooo much!  It was an adventure that is still continuing to shift me into new realities and heart spaces.  Bless you! ~  Chrissie, California
4D & 5D Higher Dimensional Life
The True Nature of You -
A truly expansive ~ Multidimensional Being
The real Reasons you are on this Planet
The evolution of the soul - your true self
The evolving reality of 
our lives in these dynamic
changing times.
The life changing topics addressed  & discussed include:
Life as a fully empowered, awakened, joyful, loving, compassionate... and passionate human - BEING!
The exploration of higher or multi- dimensional life 
What our lives on this 
planet ARE REALLY all about.

Friday,  September 25, 2020
Friday ~
Saturday ~
Sunday ~
Daily Schedule
2:00PM - 9:PM
Executive Producer
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Star ki Tara  l  Aloha ke Akua  I  
Being the Sacred Conference
A Spiritual Sky, Star Journey & Retreat Vacation
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 2018 Hawaii Retreat
This event will be produced someday in the future, it will be manifest...  with help from many higher powers.
Photos from the:
Daily Schedule of Speakers  -and-  on-going, 
bi-lateral, AUDIENCE FOCUSED, interactive
Speaker Q&A ~  all day, every day.
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Personal Choices & Decisions.  Effects and impact from the dynamic changing world around us.  Emphasis on Native/Indigenous, Earth & Cosmic Perspectives.   Unique Insightful Speakers.  Current, relevant, important...  highly compelling information.   Issues that should matter to each one of us.   And the positive changes we can make.
Choices & Decisions
Mato Wastecaka Cantetanka
Cheyene Stone
Tom Dongo
Guest Speaker,
Honored Native Guest Speaker,
Izdzan ah ray
Keynote Native
May 21, 2020
What is true, and what is most important, is that we are here for our own awakening, and the rediscovery of our own greater cosmic role, and in quantum consciousness, existent on this planet, part of the overall multi vibrational, multi dimensional life force permeating throughout the cosmos, throughout ALL space, dimensions of life and time, which in space is virtually non existent.  What is also true is that we are here to rediscover our individual soul fractal's greatestmost uniqueindividuated gifts... so that we can be completely empowered, authentically empowered, to live the best version of our most true, authentic selves.   Consistent with this awakening, continued evolution, growth and greater consciousness... is our ability to choose to be most kind & loving with whomever we come in contact.  For it is in these moments that we can share the ease and grace, and sacred moments, that are achievable on this planet, today.

Further, we're at a very interesting, very dynamic and challenging moment, almost at the intersection, in the evolution of "modern [hu]man", of humanity, affecting all people, on this beautiful planet Earth, which bears close examination.

We are on the precipice of incrediblepositivesweeping changes in the evolution of this great Nation, and around the globe. There are so many facets of this global change...  which will continue to come to light, unlike ever before in the modern history, in this epoch, of this world.

Therefore, ultimately, the goal of this 2020 Wopila conferenceof this special Native American focused & inspired eventwill be to provide an intimate forum so that people can discuss in great depth the many above topics, and more relevant ones about who we are, who we want to be, become more informed & enlightened...  so that we can make the best possible, personal choices and decisions for ourselves, and our children, to decide where we want to go, and how we want to do it, as a diversified race of humans on this planet, especially during this time of incredible change, into our future.  Will we do it with internal strength and fortitude, and surety, that we can become better than who we are today?  Will we reach out and help each other... when our 'footing' is not always sure?  Will we be at our best?  Will we make the difficult decisions to be better... as we face future challenges.

What will happen... in the moment... when we actually come face-to-face, on this planet, out in the open... with no more questions about whether we are alone, or not.  How will we treat benevolent, sentient, intelligent extraterrestrial life, who may or may not look like us.  Of any height, skin, eye or hair color.  Ones that our Native brothers & sisters have always known about in their mythologies & legends, their ancestors, the star people.  That these people will likely be far more emotionally & spiritually evolved and advanced than we [our global society] are... at this near future moment.   How will we act?  How will we treat them?  Will we be fearful and/or arrogant?  Will we ignorantly make demands?   Or, will we extend a hand of warmth, kindness and friendship?  How will we be evaluated by them, in that moment.  So many incredible moments ahead of us and so many important choices we will need to make. 

And, all throughout this conference, you the attendees will have many, multiple opportunities to explore these topics, with each Speaker & among each other, each of, all three (3) days, while developing new connections and friendships...  in a sense of intimacy, community and family.

That this event can provide the kind of stimulus for people to explore these and discuss all the future potentials, possibilities; and, evolve, expand, transform and grow from them.  And, leave this specific conference... with a sense of greater joy with the potential for many new beginnings.  We all have the ability to affect others... in a positive way.  You never know.

It's also about the ultimate healing, expansion and transformational growth of the Earth human.  I believe the topics to be discussed, and goals of this conference, in the setting described, especially in this year of 2020, are definitely a worthwhile endeavor.   note:  the photos below are actual photos of this beautiful, southwest hill country.
Clifford Mahooty
~ to happen sometime in the future, depending on the stability of the islands ~
Guest Speaker,
Council Representative,
Executive Producer
"Wopila.  A Special Gathering of Spiritual Friends & Family."
Honored Native Guest Speaker,
Most important.   Remember.   Mitakuye Oya'sin, We are All Related.  You are reminded of how we are all related by looking at all of the many diverse, smiling, happy faces in our community of spiritual friends & 'family' members during our 2018 Great Awakening conference.
2020 Conference
~ PDF file, schedule link will be directly above ~
Conference Venue
 "EARLY BIRD SPECIAL" - discount ticket prices now in effect
Hotels, Motels, Inns & B&Bs
Also, you also have multiple Bed & Breakfast places, Inns & Ranch choices in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the TICKET page from which to choose.  Your best form of contact, to make your reservation, is to use the live web link for the above facilities; or phone the other facilities directly and speak with their reservation people.
Wherever you choose to stay in the area, please know that all of September & October in this area is ~ a very busy ~ time of year.  It is their tourist "high season" !  Therefore, you will want to book your over night stay reservation... as soon as possible.
** For both facilities, if you choose to stay hereyou will receive a Conference Attendee specific "Group Discount"  overnight rate, listed above & below, which is a discount off of full retail pricing.  You will also receive these special concessions:  waived parking charges, complimentary Wi-Fi, and discount rates applicable also 
two (2) days before -&- after the conference:
Each of the above facilities [COURTYARD by Marriott & FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES] is offering a discount from their full retail pricing...  to our Conference Attendees... at what will be a very busy time of year.   These discount rates are in force right up until the weekend of our event.
 ~ We have sold out for each of the past 3 out of 4 years ~
Announcement ~  May 21, 2020
we progress into becoming a more awake, aware and enlightened species.   But first, we must rediscover the core of who each one of us truly
is.  We must, if we desire, choose to heal and rediscover our authentic selves;  and the UNIQUE GIFTS we each bring to the world.
Greatheart Charming Bear
Wodakote, peace to you all.
"Wopila.  A Special Gathering of Spiritual Friends & Family."
a very special event ~
2020 Transformational Shift ~
~  go 1/3 down this page for complete  2020  conference  details  ~
"Wopila".    A  Lakota word generally meaning:  to give thanks, to have gratitude, appreciation and gratefulness
for all we are given, and for all of those who mean so much to us within our immediate Community.  note: this year's conference will be a much smaller happening, a far more intimate event, likely set for a maximum 
of about 74 attendees.  I am purposefully doing this so that people attending will have far more
many, intimate, and multiple, occasions to speak at length with the Speakers
and each other ~ all throughout the conference. 
2020 Transformational Shift Events
"Wopila.  A Special Gathering of Spiritual Friends & Family."
2020 Transformational Shift ~
"Wopila.  A Special Gathering of 
Spiritual Friends & Family."
location:  on the leading edge of the Chihuahua desert;  Lipan Apache, Comanche & Tonkawa hill country.
Medicine Woman, Sacred Pipe carrier
Star Nation Elder
a very special event ~
Medicine Man,
Life on this planet is not about the alleged global pandemic,'Corona virus/aka/"COVID-19".  What's really going on... is the beginning of the end of so many broken systems in this country [USA], and clean-up, all across this incredible,very special planet.  There is so much more...
And, I believe we will achieve an equally similar deep connection with each other, and even more so, with this very unique, intimate special event for this year's 2020 gathering.   More to come.....
Dan Brock
Honored Native Guest Speaker,
*  denotes Native/Indian Nation
Honored Native VIP Guest,
Mike Teo Te Cah
Katchina Storyteller
Chiricahua Apache
Guest Speaker,
Coast to Coast AM,
 Guest Speaker,
Award Winning Author
Rob Simone
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
September 25 - 27, 2020
The Overlook Event Center
[top of the hill from Dancing Bear Ranch,
​directly off of Texas State Road 1283]
169 Private Rd 1709-1710
[turn onto 1709, and then immediate left onto 1710] 
Mico, Texas  78056
Sunday, September 27, 2020
Saturday, September 26, 2020
9:00AM - 6:PM
10:00AM - 6:PM
telephone#  830.7511.3868
For those people flying into the San Antonio International Airport ~ driving to the Dancing Bear Ranch & The Overlook Event Center will be only a 50 minute drive.   Equally important...
Rahelio playing his flute in Sedona
September 25- 27, 2020
September 25- 27, 2020
Medicine Man,
The 'group' hotel facilities associated with this conference are the: COURTYARD by Marriott -and- FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES San Antonio Sea World®/Westover Hills hotels.  They are next to each other.  And, to get to the Dancing Bear Ranch you take Texas State Roads: 151 North, to 1604 North, left onto Culebra Road which is also 1283 West ~ which takes you directly to Dancing Bear Ranch [Community] &  The Overlook Event Center, turn onto Private Road 1709, then left onto 1710. The event center is only a half hour drive...  from these two hotels.
Honored International 
Guest Speaker,
David Still, LLM
playing:   "Road to Freedom"  ~  by  the  band  WIND  MACHINE, 
courtesy of composer, musician, band co-Founder Steve Mesple''
The below was written by me regarding the themes of this 2020 Conference.
Soul Level Energy & Ancestral DNA
 Paranormal Author
COURTYARD by Marriott
COURTYARD by Marriott
11605 State Hwy 151,
San Antonio, TX 78251
phone: 210.509.3700

Check in: Friday, September 25th, 2020
Check out: Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Rooms available: kings & queen doubles

$99. p/night rate

Waived parking fees (savings of $10/day)

Rate does not include breakfast
Fairfield Inn & Suites/San Antonio
Seaworld/Westover Hills
4026 Wiseman Blvd,
San Antonio, TX 78251
phone:  210.682.6800

Check in: Friday, September 25th, 2020
Check out: Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Rooms available:  kings & queen doubles

$89. p/night rate

Waived parking fees (savings of $8/day)

Rate includes breakfast buffet.
*note:  these two facilities, owned by Marriott, are co-located right next to each other, on the
       west side of San Antonio, Texas... a very easy 30 minute drive to the Overlook Event Center. 
Also, some level of daily shuttle service will be provided to the conference venue.*
COURTYARD by Marriott
has a Bistro & Starbucks Coffee
Brad Olsen
Guest Speaker,
of Ancient Aliens,
VIP Guests,
Spiritual Sound Healers,
Anara LightBear &
Chris Katsaropoulos
Group Conference Discount Code #:  
** Be aware, the final date you can make a reservation to lock in either one of these
    "Group Discount" overnight rates [consistent with industry std's]
 is two (2) weeks before the Conference -
 FridaySeptember 11, 2020
**  Below is your direct web link to make reservations with either hotel facility.**
Begin:   Wednesday, September 23, 2020
End:      Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Guest Speaker,
Clear, Open,
Conscious Telepath 
to Our Galactic Family Members in the Higher Dimensions
Guest Speaker,
"AI" Expert,
Garrett Duncan
Honored Native Guest Speaker,
Galactic Star & Sasquatch
VIP Guest,
Creator of
wordpress, now,
Energy Healer,
Composer &
- the new space for the KP Blog -
KP, Ph.D
Lipan Apache
Honored Native Guest Speaker,
Vice Chairman,
Gourd, Feather &
Hoop Dancer
Robert Soto
Brad Olsen
Group Conference Discount Code #:  
If you happen to have questions, over & above all of the previous provided 2020 conference information, please write 
to me at the below e-mail address: