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One Day Special Events
For the 2017 Pacific Rim Tour -  Andromeda Council & Star Ancestry -
One (1) Day Special Events, so far, include the following cities:

May 19, 2017              Singapore    [Tolec and Adona of Star]

May 21, 2017              Shanghai, China    [Tolec and Adona of Star]
**To purchase tickets for the two (2) above listed Australia conferences -
 please go to the                     page of this web site.**
The 2017 Pacific Rim Tour - lead by Tolec of the Andromeda Council - and - Adona of
Star Ancestry, with many other gifted speakers, so far, includes these conference locations:

May 5 - 7, 2017         2017 Newcastle  Awaken Your Spirit, Cosmic Conference
                                  Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

May 12 - 14, 2017     2017 Brisbane Transformational Shift Conference
                                  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

May 25 - 31, 2017     Star ki Tara  I   Aloha ke Akua -  Being the Sacred, Sky, Star Journey Retreat Vacation
                                   Big Island of Hawaii
2017 Pacific Rim Tour
Transformational Shift Events
2017 Pacific Rim Tour
Andromeda Council
Star Ancestry
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**Please go to the                       page of this web site to purchase your tickets for the Shanghai, China, one day, Special Event **
**Please contact  Nya or Ameerah - in Singapore - for developing details
of this event, by 20th March, 2017, at:  **
Tickets "
** 请到本网站的门票页面购买您的票,上海,中国,一天,特别活动 **
To register & purchase tickets for this retreat vacation please go to:  
Tickets "
2017 Pacific Rim Tour  -  Schedule